Program Description

APS Early Beginnings, located next to the Jamaica Child Development Center, is an early childhood education program for children 3 weeks to 5 years of age. The program serves families who reside within the Aurora Public Schools district boundaries, with a focus on children of teen parents who are attending APS schools. Early Beginnings began in August 2014.

Our early childhood program utilizes the Creative Curriculum, a comprehensive, research-based early childhood curriculum, along with the Teaching Strategies GOLD assessment tool. The program provides a variety of learning and social opportunities to ensure that children develop the skills necessary for kindergarten readiness and later success in school.

Our staff members meet state licensing requirements in the field of early childhood education. Most importantly, our staff shares a commitment to providing a learning environment in which every child feels welcome, safe, and ready to learn

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Belen and daughter

Belen's Story

Early Beginnings changed my life! I was 16 years old and finishing my junior year of high school when I gave birth to my daughter, Janey. I was determined to finish high school, and my counselor told me about Early Beginnings and the program that they offered to teen parents. I was hesitant to take my baby to child care, like any other parent, but I had no choice. My daughter went to Early Beginnings from the time she was three months old up to her fifth birthday, and graduated from Early Beginnings ready to enroll in kindergarten.

Taking her to Early Beginnings was the best thing I could've ever done, and if I could have kept her there longer, I would have. Thanks to Early Beginnings, my daughter is advanced in kindergarten compared to the other kids her age. Thanks to this program and the amazing staff there, I was able to finish high school on time, work, and go to college knowing that my baby was in a safe place. Because of my DACA status, I was not eligible for federal student aide. Once I aged out of the ASCENT program with Aurora Public Schools, I needed to secure non-traditional funding in order to continue with my education, and doing that takes a lot of research, determination, and persistence. I graduated in May 2020 with my bachelor's in nursing from the University of Colorado, and I have achieved my goal of becoming a registered nurse. I could not have done it without Early Beginnings and their amazing staff and program.